Medical Gas System Testing

Cactus Medical Services is Arizona's premier medical gas system testing agency. We perform medical gas 3rd Party testing on all remodels, new builds, and installations of medical gas equipment.

We work closely with general contractors and end users to help the medical gas project move quickly and smoothly. We review plans, equipment,  and installers qualifications.

What Is Medical Gas Testing?

3rd Party Medical Gas Testing is required by the NFPA 99 Healthcare Facilities Standards. All 50 states follow these standards.

NFPA 99 States: Inspection and testing shall be performed on all new piped gas systems , additions. renovations, temporary installations, or repaired systems, to assure the facility, by document procedure, that all applicable provision of this document have been adhered to and system integrity has been achieved and maintained.

Testing shall be performed by a party other than the than installing contractor.

This where Cactus medical can help your project meet the Federal Standards. We ensure that any medical gas work performed at a facility meets and adheres to all the guidelines in the NFPA 99. 

What Test Procedures Are Performed For Medical Gas Inspections?

The medical gas testing procedures are as follows:

  1. Standing Pressure test
  2. Cross Connection testing
  3. Alarms Testing
  4. Piping Purge
  5. Piping Particulate testing
  6. Piping Purity testing
  7. Medical Gas Concentration testing
  8. Proper Operation

All of these tests ensure that all breached medical gas piping is safe for patient use. Our technicians are trained and certified by the ASSE.

  • 6010 ASSE Medical Gas installer certification
  • 6020 ASSE Medical Gas Inspector Certification
  • 6030 ASSE Medical Gas Verifier Certification

We use the industry standard equipment for testing and analysis. We offer Medical gas Consultation and recommendations.

Contact Cactus Medical Services today and see how we can help your business or facility have a successful medical gas system project.

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